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Wedding events are usually associated with things that are luxurious and glamorous. This was done to make the appearance of the D day even more memorable. Behind that idea alone, you can make the  wedding venue Bali an attractive location coupled with the anti-mainstream thematic concept. Interested in trying? Check out some of the following unique and fun inspiration ideas.

Thematic wedding concept ideas for special days that are anti-mainstream

1. Bohemian theme wedding

The hallmark of a bohemian theme is the combination of neutral colors and fresh flowers. The character of this thematic highlights the lifestyle of the gypsy, hippie, ethnic, and also boho vintage style. This theme is one of the favorite designs because of its down to earth or environmentally friendly, simple, free, yet still chic, simple, yet luxurious impression.

2. Wedding Reception with a Forest Theme

If you are good at associating themes with the environment, then the forest theme is definitely very interesting. This outdoor wedding concept combines natural touches from decorative leaves, trees, wood, and flowers. If you rent a Bali wedding venue that is close to a forest location, there is nothing wrong with taking pictures or using the forest as a photo background.

3. Tropical themes for a cheerful and colorful impression

If you are in Bali, of course this theme cannot be abandoned. Obviously, the tropical theme fits perfectly with the look as well as the geography of Bali which is surrounded by exotic beaches. To apply a tropical look, you can use flowers typical of the equator, such as bright colorful flowers, palm or palm leaves, and fresh fruit.

The impression given by this theme is freshness, brightness, and freshness. Surely this will make this sacred reception even more cheerful. To make the tropical impression even more prominent, come and rent a villa located close to the beach. One of them is the Uluwatu Heaven which has direct access to the beach which is only a few meters from the location of the main inn.

4. Garden Or Garden Theme Weddings

Weddings with a garden party theme are actually very common. However, the charm of this concept plus the beautiful Balinese wedding venue, will definitely never die. The impression of this theme is intimate, simple, and elegant. The combination of elegant white with green leaves in the decoration and guest clothes will give a different impression.


Getting married with a touch of your favorite theme can be a way to show a personal touch. The easiest way to apply is through themes. You can consult with the villa owner to organize this unique wedding. If you are looking for a suitable villa, head to Villa The Surga in Uluwatu which is magnificent and beautiful.

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