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3 Extracurricular Activities That Children Can Participate At Preschool Jakarta

Extracurricular activities aim to funnel children’s potential in a particular field. Not only that, but extracurricular can also increase children’s creativity. In Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta, children can choose a variety of extracurriculars to develop their talents. Then, what extracurricular activities that the children can follow? Get the answer in these explanations.


Some Extracurricular That Children Can Join In Global Sevilla

  1. Art And Craft

Early age students love to play. Even when seeing something new, the children want to get close, hold it, or play with it. Especially with things related to art. Children love doodling of their art and creativity. For that reason, children must be taught or given a stimulus to learn the art. By following the extracurricular arts, children will be more creative.

In Global Sevilla school, children can participate in art and craft extracurricular. Children will learn basic arts, and this activity will be very suitable for developing children’s motor sensors. Through this craft, children identify, build, and connect knowledge, interests, and experiences and then express them through work in preschool Jakarta.

  1. Mini Cooking

Cooking is a simple and fun way for children to learn to read, count, and science. Here, children will learn to read recipes, calculate the measurements, and the food ingredients to be processed. In addition, children will learn about nutrition and healthy food. Learning to cook is a provision for children when they grow up. Children will get used to doing things on their own.

If your child has a hobby of cooking, you can invite them to enter the extracurricular mini cooking in Global Sevilla. By participating in mini cooking extracurricular, children will be guided to be able to do cooking activities themselves, which they can later apply with their parents at home. Not only that, the children’s cooking ability will be more trained.

  1. Mini Soccer

Practicing football from an early age does not only provide readiness and skills for children but also trains the child’s mind to be smarter in strategy bending. Extracurricular soccer in preschool Jakarta can teach children about self-confidence, teamwork, and sportsmanship. In Global Sevilla, your children can join mini soccer who already have lots of members.

As you know, extracurricular can shape children’s creativity. By following some of the extracurricular activities described above, children will be increasingly honed in their abilities. Before entering into an extracurricular course, ask your child which subject they like. So, they will do extracurricular activities with joy and with all of their heart.

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